Finelcomp is the leading manufacturer of electric distribution board enclosure systems in Finland. In addition to domestic business, company exports its products to i.a. other Nordic countries and Baltic states. Company’s head office is located in Outokumpu, Finland.
iLOQ is a Finnish company that transforms mechanical locking into digital access management. iLOQ provides self-powered digital locking and access management that revolutionizes the locking industry, as digital cameras have transformed photography. iLOQ replaces mechanical and electromechanical locking systems by solving the problems of keys being copied or lost as well as locking maintenance and lifecycle-costs, with an environmentally friendly battery and cable free solution. www.iloq.fi
Indoor Group (indirect ownership via Indoor Group Holding Ltd 52.9 %) with its chain concepts is a leading home furniture and interior furnishing retailer in Finland and its neighboring areas. The group consists of two well-known and complementary retailing chains Asko and Sotka and its subsidiaries are Indoor Group AS in Estonia and the Finnish upholstery factory Insofa Oy.
KH-Koneet Group is one of the leading earthmoving equipment importers in Finland.
Panphonics is a leading manufacturer of products based on directional audio technology. Panphonics manufactures solutions based on proprietary patented directional audio technology for acoustically demanding applications. The company’s SoundShower® speaker solutions are used, among others, in banks, store-specific advertisement systems, information kiosks and offices. www.panphonics.com
Suvanto Trucks Ltd is a fast growing and largest independent dealer of used trucks in Finland. Its head office is located in Turku. www.suvantotrucks.com

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